Visualise an inner conflict – eg you want to achieve something. At the same time the achievement is blocked.

Visualise the inner part, which wants to achieve something. How does it look like? Give it a name and sense it in your body.

Visualise the inner part which blocks the way to the achievement. How does it look like? Give it a name and sense it somewhere else in your body.

Ask the part which wants to achieve something, what his good intention is.

Ask the part which intervenes, what his good initial good intention is. Acknowledge the initial good intention. Ask the intervening part whether it could agree not to interfere with other part. Make sure, this part is satisfied.

If you have confirmation, move to the part which wants to achieve something. Negotiate with this inner part to acknowledge the initial good intention of the disturbing part.

Ask both parties, moving from one to the other, whether they are ready for negotiating a positive outcome for both (win-win).

Check with both parts whether they genuinely will adhere to a new contract. Draw up the contract between the two parties.

Request the inner part which wants to achieve something to move into the one hand palm and the formerly obstructing part into the other hand palm.

Sense both parts in either of your hand palms. Pay attention to the temperature around you, the light, the sounds, your body feeling.

If you are ready, let the two hand palms move towards each other.

Let them meet each other and witness what happens….

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